Comparative Analysis

Core Benefits

The aim and objective of this program is to increase the employability skills of the students pursuing graduation. So that by the time they graduate the chances of making their dream career a reality increase multi-fold as compared to a simple graduate. UPSC civil services & Judicial services examination is one of the toughest exams to crack. It requires months of dedicated efforts. During this journey with Officer Bitiya, a lot of time, effort have to be put in to ensure success. Normally, after a few months of preparation, everyone feels that they know things but don’t know how to present it.

This is where Officer Bitiya and Judge Sahiba’s course play a crucial role in your career preparation.

Simple Graduation

  • Majority of parents are confused about what their children should opt after plus two science/arts/commerce/etc
  • They join a Regular degree program in a college or university 
  • This degree program is spread in six semesters (3-4 years)
  • During their stint at the hostel they have lot of time which they spend with friends or on electronic gadgets (wastage).
  • They only study few days before the exam 
  • Mass bunks and attendance issues are common in every institution 
  • Bad company, drugs, and politics is a common issue among students
  • Even doing simple graduation with distinction getting a job is a challenge
  • they further opt for Post-graduation just to kill peer pressure
  • Spending two more precious years of life in fast changing world, lacks planning
  • Some of them look for green pastures abroad and start doing petty job thus compromising their degrees
  • Majority of them compromise for petty jobs in their region where in the knowledge acquired is hardly used
  • This conventional path which children pick up by chance leads to a compromised career & stress
  • The content which they cover as a part of curriculum is usually cramming and it withers away with in no tine 

Graduation with IAS & Officer Bitiya

  • Officer Bitiya under campus connect program adds value to simple graduation degree 
  • Along with regular degree they are introduced to the world of competitions 
  • Under the IAS cum Graduation program spread over 6 semesters the degree becomes more meaningful
  • A customized time table is designed for every student under a mentor and learning happens in a highly disciplined environment 
  • Proper time utilization for a bright career
  • Highly disciplined environment with lot of extra curricular activities develop interest in them 
  • Goal oriented students learn & compete from each other
  • Wider choice through officer Bitiya platform to have options
  • The competitive skills open the door for top level services like IAS/IPS/IFS/IRS/PCS etc
  • They can pursue higher studies through distance education even while doing a job
  • After getting in to IAS can easily visit any country  7 get huge respect & status
  • A secured career with a chance to contribute in national growth by becoming part of the system through policy making
  • The training and environment to which the aspirants are exposed is by their choice and it leads to their dream destination.
  • The content and training which aspirants undergo during their course adds virtues/skill and develop out of box thinking.