B2B Partnership

B2B Partnership

Cracking UPSC exam and getting in to IAS has always been a dream as almost 10 lac aspirants get registered for this examination which is held around June every year. This charm and attraction of becoming an IAS has been increasing with every passing year. The inability of majority of students to crack the exams is due to lack of right information and guidance. Apart from knowledge, content or IQ , a proper strategy for preparation is must to qualify this prestigious exam and this strategy differs from case to case, only a true mentor can unfold the possibilities of success though he cannot guarantee.

Officer Bitiya aims at providing right guidance at right time to aspirants who are pursuing graduation from different institutions. This program is a value addition for the institutions, it will set a strong foundation for degree students to prepare for IAS Exam along with pursuing their respective degrees.

Course Offerings

Officer Bitiya provides better prospects for aspirants who want an early kick start in their career. It adds value to their respective degrees as well provides an opportunity to prepare for competitive exams well in advance while doing graduation. By the time one graduates, the world of competition is open and with a better preparation strategy one can enhance the chance of cracking the prestigious IAS/ judiciary exam. The whole idea is to utilize time and energy and beat the cut throat competition by laying a strong foundation with an early start.

Program Duration:
  1. Regular One Year
  2. Regular Two Years
  3. Two Years Weekend
  4. Regular Three Years