Ambassador Club

# MainBhiOfficerBitiya Ambassador Club:

The core mission of Officer Bitiya is to increase Indian women’s participation in the world of UPSC and Judiciary, more of them must obtain access to the quality education while studying for graduation, equipped with confidence so that their career can secure once they pass out from the college and serve the nation while providing good governance.

We intend to make a bridge between present officers and future’s officer bitiya. We understand no single person/team can change the world. But, one can be a catalyst to drive the change. If you are equally passionate about bringing change in girl’s life and support her during UPSC & Judiciary Service Examination in form of:

  1. By posting video recorded lectures on any topic related to examination;
  2. Be a part of webinars to motivate students;
  3. Online content creation;
  4. Helping Officer Bitiya grow in your respective state or district;