This novel initiative goes beyond ‘Beti Bachao,Beti Padhao’, to ‘Beti Padhao,Officer Banao’. I fervently hope that with its format of residential, subsidized and all-round personality development, ‘Officer Bitiya’, would be instrumental in being transformational, and not merely transactional in nature. The multitude of the co-curricular activities will make sure that 21st century skills are imparted to our future officers, in addition to the core education aspect.
With the plethora of activities envisioned, under the able guidance of Ajay Sondhi Sir and other mentors, our girls can truly develop in hand, head and heart, thereby achieving not only political citizenship, but also socio-economic citizenship, in its truest sense.
Congratulations to Sondhi Sir, and deep gratitude from the society, to push start this endeavor! Kothari commission reiterated way back in 1960s that destiny of our country is shaped in its classrooms. Today I can confidently say that this social initiative carries with it the blueprint and potential to shape the destiny of our women within the precincts of Officer Bitiya, and overcome the narrow definition of feminism.
Saa Vidyaa Yaa Vimuktaye! (Good education is one which liberates!)

Dr Darpan Ahluwalia
All India Rank 80, 2019-20

The initiative officer Bitiya is really a unique one and one that is so close to my heart. It’s not just a venture to provide education but a mission to empower women. For a bright and secure future, the initiative will channelize the energy of the young girls into a more productive direction.
The goal-oriented journey along with the overall development of the physical and mental health will inculcate many qualities and definitely will make a good human being. Looking forward to the new life experience with new minds and intellectual educators.

Pragya Mittal
IAS Aspirant (Batch 2018)

“Every little girl who is told that she is bossy, to be told instead she has leadership skill” and OFFICER BITIYA is the seer to this intend. I am blessed to have mentors like Sondhi sir which has helped me immensely in my UPSC preparation. Never ever felt so much confident and the way Officer Bitiya has scaled my thinking in answer writing, reasoning and interview skills is commendable. I will be one of the Officer Bitiya in coming exam.

Shruti Bharti
IAS Aspirant (Batch 2019)

Being a girl dreaming about becoming officer is very special and the journey is more beautiful when you start preparing for it. For me IAS stands for I Am Special, and during preparation with Officer Bitiya team, you feel the difference in the level of knowledge. You learn the skill of thinking out of box. The feeling of serving your motherland is what keeps you motivated.
Thank you Officer Bitiya team and staff to help us performing well in the examination.

Gursimran Kaur
IAS Aspirant (Batch 2017)

Girl education is the most demanding factor in the present era. Our society has never taken education for girls seriously as compared to boys and gender discrimination is a major issue not only in rural but sometimes in urban regions also. Therefore, “OFFICER BITIYA” is a programme to give a new meaning to the dreams of girl child by enhancing their employability skills while pursuing graduation degree. This initiative is for the girl child in order to empower with knowledge, developing leadership qualities and provide an opportunity to become part of policy making. An educated girl always educates a family and can live with dignity and respect and remains a source of inspiration for other girls.

Amita Sharma
IAS Aspirant (Batch 2019)

OFFICER BITIYA is a dream of every girl and her parents, my best wishes are with Officer Bitiya Team. Being a girl, I expect equal opportunities should be provided to every girl child specially in education institutions so that they can compete at every level and become a part of Nation building.

IAS ASPIRANT (Batch 2018)

‘I am frenzied with a positive thought of the initiative ‘Officer Bitiya’ taken by Ajay Sondhi Sir and the entire team I do believe that this initiative will be creating future potential women leaders who will have the courage to carve their own paths and the skills to renovate the illiberal thinking of the world.’

Revti Thakur
IAS Aspirant

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