'Desh ki Bitiya' No Longer a Forgotten Generation with "Officer Bitiya"


Company Overview

Officer Bitiya is an initiative of 20 years of research in career programming in the field of UPSC Civil Service Examination and Judiciary Services. Graduation cum Civil services /Judiciary program aims at providing graduation degree and classes along with inculcating competitive skills through UPSC coaching side by side. A perfectly designed program devised by a team of highly experienced professionals and delivered by nationally renowned faculty has been successful in producing civil servants at the age of 21-23 years.

Solving social problems requires leaders from foundations, businesses, school and colleges to re-imagine the systems and relationships that shape our world. At Officer Bitiya, we strive for a deep understanding of how to create social change and give wings to girl’s career after graduation so that she can stand independently and make her own identity in UPSC & Judiciary Services.


Let Bitiya’s Learn, Aspire, Empower, Serve the Nation.


To increase Indian women’s participation in the world of UPSC and Judiciary, more of them must obtain access to the quality education while studying for graduation, equipped with confidence so that their career can secure once they pass out from the college and serve the nation while providing good governance.


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Problem Statement we work upon

After completion of Graduation only a few get their desired job and settle in career whereas majority of them compromise and get jobs which mismatch with their skill-set. By the time one graduates he/she realizes that graduation will not fetch them a job and they pursue for MBA/M.A/B.ED/M.SC Etc.

Drives Value Preposition through

Graduation cum civil services program gives a new meaning to the degree as they can prepare for this most prestigious exam while pursuing their graduation. Officer Bitiya in collaboration with partnering college will provide a degree and guidance simultaneously and by the time one graduates the employability skills are inculcated and has edge over other simple graduates.

The teachers who are having more than 10 years of experience and have produced hundreds of civil servants serving the nation.

The whole course is divided into six semesters and semester exams are held after completion of the syllabus and only those meeting particular criteria are promoted to next semester.